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Work Free

Many people settle for a job that is offered to them as they randomly search for work. It’s all about having any job that makes money so they can pay their bills. This may describe you.
Once in the job, the company then dictates what you do, how you show up each day, and what your behavior needs to be. You’re in the flow of the world around you with no clear purpose of your own. The company’s purpose becomes your purpose. This isn’t working free; it’s working according to the dictates of others. It’s very uninspiring and brings limited satisfaction especially long-term.
To work free, you need to be in a place to have the freedom to choose first from an infinite number of possibilities and then, based on an internally discovered Purpose, choose your career that allows you to powerfully serve the group of people you were destined to serve.
If done right, this approach will give you the freedom to … work how you want … where you want … and with whom you want. It gives you freedom, flexibility, and control to work on your terms. When you work this way, you jump out of bed in the morning excited to serve others.

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