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Image by Matt Howard

Mission ... to Transform Lives

Our core mission is to help you create your Greatest Life … to Be Free, to Live Free, and to Work Free … by showing you the path and giving you the tools to make it a reality.
Through this core mission, we are also contributing to the resolution of issues facing the world today, both personal & societal. This is being done, not by focusing on treating the external symptom of the issues, but rather focusing on the true empowerment of the individual … one person at a time.

We are inspired and driven by the quote from Mahatma Gandhi, “You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World”. Positive change cannot be made by masses of people living the same life & having the same perspectives that created the problem in the first place … as hard as they try. Transformation is made by people deciding that the change needs to first start with them … and then, from a renewed sense of perspective and loving purpose, deliver their contribution to transforming the world … showing up different in each moment and powerfully sharing their unique “gift” with others.

“To Change Something, Build a New Model that Makes the Existing Model Obsolete”

- Buckminster Fuller

Our value to you and others will be through the discovery, development, and delivery of innovative models, methods, and solutions that enable this powerful and much needed transformation.

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