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The Secret of Life … is Giving with Love

Ron knows that stepping out of your own comfort zone and giving to others in need is what life is all about. It’s finding and then acting on those precious moments when you “just know” you have been called on to improve another person or group of people’s lives. Authentic giving brings light, love and joy into your life and into the lives of those you have served. It’s what expands love and joy in our world.
He is especially aware of how many young people have had a disadvantaged and difficult start in life. Without a caring hand, many of these young people’s lives will continue to unravel. A precious life may be lost.
The focus of our contributions is, therefore, on two primary areas …

In Love Couple
Empowerment of Youth

Our youth are the hope for a better world. It’s important they have a powerful start in life and learn to freely create their own life from the inside out … from a place of authenticity, love, deep inner peace, and confidence.

We are committed to bringing new perspectives and resources to create a shift in how our youth learn and develop in their formative years.

Empowerment of Homeless Youth

Homeless youth are another focus of our efforts to create a better start in life for many who find themselves on the street … having been dealt a tough life. In many cases, they’ve made a healthy choice to leave a home of physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse.

We are contributing to non-profit organizations that are giving these youth the support, resources, tools, and training to take personal responsibility for the transformation of their own lives … giving them a fresh start.

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