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Create Your Greatest Life!

Greatness lives in You! It has always been there … it’s just been covered up by “life” to the point you can’t even see it anymore! It’s just waiting for you to make the committed decision to discover and live it! It doesn’t exist out there somewhere … trying to find it and get it from somewhere in the outside world doesn’t and never will work. True fulfillment in life comes from living a life from the Inside Out!

“I-Lignment®” is designed to help you rediscover your Greatness and set you on the path of living an authentic life of passion and unlimited possibilities!


Through “I”-Lignment®, you will …

  • Discover a New Model for Living Life Powerfully!

  • Create a Compelling Vision & Plan that will Inspire You … and pull you into an Exciting Future!

  • Bust through Things Holding You Back … limiting beliefs, fears, regrets, doubts … allowing You to Move Beyond a Limited, Disempowered Life!

  • See the World Differently … Able to See Beyond All the Negative Around You

  • Be Able to Authentically & Deeply Connect with Others

  • Discover Ways to Commit to & Sustain this New Way of Living … Daily

   … Be Living an Inspired Life on Purpose and with Power

Start Your Transformation Now … to Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of! 

The journey of “I”-Lignment can be experienced multiple ways …
By reading the book, “I-Lignment® … The Journey to Create Your Greatest Life
​from the Inside-Out

The Book that will Transform Your Life

​2  By joining the “Freer Journey” Community and going through a one-year “I”-Lignment Journey of Transformation (included in the membership).
Membership - $29/month
By joining us for a 3-day “I”-Lignment Destination Retreat on the Oregon Coast in the Fall 2024​
  • 3-day "I-Lignment®" Group Retreat. $695/person.

  • Contact us to register for an “I-Lignment®” retreat

​4  By scheduling Individual “I”-Lignment Coaching.
  • 1-1 “I-Lignment®” Coaching. $95/1-hr. session.

  • Click here to schedule 1-1 Coaching

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