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Image by Matt Howard

Creativity Empowered ®


True Creativity comes from within. It’s inherent in all of us. But many of us have consciously lost touch with that innate ability. We have come to believe we are not creative. Yet each day we are creating whether we know it or not. Our “unconscious” creativity results in a disjointed, uninspired life and many of the issues we see in our life, in the life of others, and the world around us.

But how do we develop a “conscious” ability to be truly creative?

“Creativity Empowered®” is a research and training initiative focused on studying how true creativity exists within certain innovative people that are making a powerful difference in our world. Then to develop ways for each of us to rediscover, strengthen, and bring forward our inherent creative abilities … to manifest a powerful life and bring innovative ideas and solutions to the world.

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