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​A Community and Path that Empowers You to Get Unstuck & Create a Free and Inspired Life from the Inside-Out!

What if You Could Transform into Your Greatest Life … NOW?

There are 525,600 minutes in the next 12 months. If each represents a moment when you can be taking the steps down a proven path to your amazing transformation, then you CAN realize your Greatest Life … THIS YEAR!

You can be living a powerful, inspired, and free life …  free of fear, guilt, regret, and confusion … and, instead, filled with incredible possibilities. A life that sets a rock-solid foundation for the rest of your life … an authentic and purpose driven life filled with excitement, adventure, contribution, and love.

Don’t Wait! Start Now

​Are you saying to yourself, “Maybe for others but it’s impossible for me?” Or maybe you’re thinking, “It’s too late for me? I’m stuck with this life?”
Those thoughts will be true if you do nothing different; they will keep you stuck and frustrated. These are false beliefs. I’m here to tell you there is a new way, a transformative path, that will empower you to create a new life… lived from the Inside-Out. A path that will lead you to your Greatest Life!

Hi, This is Ron!

​I started my journey at 29 … at the beginning of the transition period from young adulthood to midlife.
I wanted to understand my life as it was and then how to get from there to my “greatest life”. I wanted to live a life where I could “Be Free, Live Free, and Work Free”, a mantra that began to shape my life. So, I went on a search … that lasted 25 years. I was looking for a simple perspective and path through the complex world of personal development … a world most of us get lost in.


​This transformative journey will bring you the things you have been desperately seeking out in the world where they seem so elusive … a purpose for life, deep connection with others, unconditional love, deep inner peace, joy, a sense of freedom, and contentment. 


The amazing thing … they’re scarce out there in the world … but you’ll find them in unlimited quantities when you create your life from the Inside-Out.

Unless you go down a different path, than the one you’re on, you may never really experience these amazing things in your life … like most people!

Choose to be different.
By Joining Our
“Freer Journey
” Community

​You will be embarking on your own journey of transformation that will allow you to create a life you’ve always dreamed of … an authentic & free life with unlimited possibilities!

You will get …
  • A Welcome Package that includes the “I”-Lignment Book … that will give you an empowering perspective for your journey!

  • An Invitation to Join a 1-year “I-Lignment® Journey” of Transformation … starting with the 3-month “I”-Lignment course!

  • An “Empower Your Week” Livestream Event every Monday … to keep you motivated!

  • A Weekly “Release Retreat” Livestream Event … to release the things holding you back!

  • Monthly Focus on Core Aspects of Being Free – Living Free – Working Free … to reinforce the foundation of your journey!​

  • A “Freer Journey™” Podcast … to give you wisdom and insight from inspirational guests!

  • A Growing List of Resources … giving you info, ideas, and tools for creating a free life!

  • Ongoing Connection with Members on the Same Journey … building friendships and creating opportunities for sharing ideas, insights, adventures, and experiences!

  • Empowerment and Support from the Community … so you know you’re not alone on your journey and can get help whenever you need it!

Beige Fabric
​We can’t wait to see what new possibility you will create for your life! We know it will be amazing! And we’ll all be here supporting you every step of the way … as we take the same journey alongside you.
Start Your Journey Now!
This Journey is For You If

✔  You want to break loose and create a life of freedom!

✔  You want to become that person you’ve always known you were destined to be!

✔  You want to live in a world of unlimited possibility!

✔  You want to eliminate those things in your life holding you back!

✔  You want to bring excitement, adventure, and experience into your life!

✔  You want more love and peace in your life!

✔  You want to be less alone in your journey of personal transformation!

✔  You want to surround yourself with positive and upbeat people!

✔  You want to be around a group of people that will offer encouragement and support!

✔  You want to learn from other people’s successes and setbacks!

✔  You want to have a life of purpose and contribution!

✔  You want to make the world a better place!

Committed to Changing the World … One Person at a Time!

As we come together in the “Freer Journey™” community, going through our own transformation individually as well as together, we show up differently in the world. We then authentically come from a place of purpose, intention, and bringing good to the people each of us were brought here to serve … coming from a place of freedom for all, unconditional love, deep peace, and underlying joy in all we do and share.


As we continue to expand our community, we will have ​an ever-increasing transformative impact on the world around us!

Make a True Difference in the World!
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